MSP430 Projects

KMI Technology

KMI Technology is a subsidiary of KIMansfield.com, Inc.

We are an embedded devices consultation company with 25 years experience.   We have consulted for the following companies:

We have contracted with EDO Corporation the Elctro-Ceramic Products division. We worked on a sonar system using the PowerPC inside a Xilinx FPGA. We used C to implement the system.

Burk Technology, Inc.
Some of the products that we have worked on include WatchBand - (Burk Technology, Inc.) - This product is a computer controlled FM/AM broadcast radio receiver.   It was designed by KMI Technology from the ground up.   We OEM'd a tuner from MicroTune Inc.   Then we added some tuner control, audio processing, and non-volatile storage to provide a complete tuner solution for Burk Technology, Inc..   This product won a Radio World Cool Stuff Award and Radio Magazine Pick Hit Award at NAB 2007.


We have also worked on the GSC3000 series of products for Burk Technology, Inc.. We have done enhancements to the system including the the entire GLink line as well as bug fixes.

AC-8 & AC-4AC-8 & AC-4

Q Comm International, Inc.
At Q Comm International I did some very interesting work. They sell prepaid wireless and long distance services. These items are sold via a Qxpress 200 terminal. The terminal was designed by a company back east. When I came on board the software for the Qxpress 200 was to be provided by the company that designed the hardware. This software wasn't working they way Q Comm would like. They were running out of money and needed a product to sell quickly. They wanted the ability to configure the Qxpress 200 in the field. The field configurability included the requirement to sell different products as the needs of the customer changed. To fullfil this requirement I decided they needed an interpreter built into the Qxpress 200 to give them the ability to download different software packages which would handle different products. Once this system was in place they could download different configurations for different products very easily. The software could be written and tested at the Corporate headquarters before it was deployed giving the company a very flexible system. The president and CEO of the company liked the system and I was given the go ahead to rewrite the system.

It required a flash file system that was implemented along with the interpreter. The system is still in use today on the Qxpress 200 terminals. The interpreter has also been ported to Verifone terminals and PC's. This gives the company the ability to run the exact same software on the Qxpress 200, Verifone terminals and PC's.

Qxpress 200

ClearOne Communications, Inc.
At ClearOne I worked on the MAXAttach IP. This device utilizes VoIP to transmit and receive speech. It is based on a TI TNET1050 Mips processor. The RTOS used was VxWorks. I wrote the firmware download mechanism. This allowed the user to update the device using a TFTP server. The MAXAttach IP goes and reads a configuration file that has date and version information about the firmware on the TFTP server. If the MAXAattach IP determines that the firmware is a different than the version it currently has it will download the version from the TFTP server and use that version to run with. It works very well.

Lone Peak Labs.
LiteTouch, Inc.
SmartWorks, Inc.