KMI Technology
KMI Technology

KMI Technology is an electronic engineering consulting company.  We
design embedded devices for various industries specializing in MSP430 and
PIC development.  We have designed embedded devices for industrial
remote control and the medical industry.
What We Do

We do hardware, software, and mechanical engineering to bring you a turn
key product.  We have years of experience in engineering.  Our overhead is
low to bring you the most cost effective product.  Let us give you a no cost
consultation and explain how we can help you with your embedded device

We are currently working on an SD Card Logger.

The logger we are working on will take a serial ASCII stream from a UART at
various baud rates up to 115200 baud and log it to the SD Card.  The baud
rate will be set using a data file put on the SD Card.  It should be very low
power as it is based on an MSP430.

Features of the SD Card Logger:
Up to 2 gig SD Cards supported
Supports FAT16 so SD Card can be read by a computer
Configurable via data file on SD Card
Low power MSP430 processor